Colorimetric Analysis + Make Up Coaching

Colorimetric Analysis + Make Up Coaching

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Colorimetric Analysis

The Draping Method We will analyze your colors in details depending on the color of your eyes, hair and skin whereby we will define which colors suit you best in terms of clothing, accessories, make-up, and hair. You will find out which season of colors you belong to. We will then send you an on-line communication highlighting the palette or palettes that suit you best and make your face glow and look younger.

The use of the Color Wheel:
It will be used to create looks through various color combinations.

Your ‘Non-Colors’:
We will also coach you how to dress the colors that suit you less should you already have them in your closet.

Color Swatch (Optional – Additional 50$):
Your color palette in a swatch to keep in your purse at all times.

Illustrated Report (Optional – Additional 50$):
A specific look book can be tailored for you according to the analysis.

Make Up Coaching

Make Up Coaching You will receive one hour of training to find out how to make your eyes glow in a very soft and classy method. The colors will be chosen according to your eyes and skin tone. This is one of our most credible talents which many clients highly appreciate!

Make Up List:
A list will be put together defining what make up and tools you will need to use on-going. Practice : You will practice and learn how to create a natural look within maximum 15 minutes!

Benefit of Session:
It compliments and completes the color analysis by confirming what exact colors and textures embellish your features.


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