t C-Looks In Fashion, we strongly believe in the power of a woman in society through the different roles she plays in her daily life. We also believe that she must feel confident and good about herself in order to be productive. We are convinced this is achieved by developing an unforgettable image that goes beyond how she dresses, wears her makeup or stylizes her look. It’s about a holistic form of beauty, one that is not exclusively based on looks but also on adopting a new way of life. There can be only one reality we create for ourselves : the constant quest for perfection.

At C-Looks In Fashion, we offer a wide and flexible array of services for our clients because we are fully aware of the fact that many lead a very busy life in which they play multiple roles as daughters, wives, mothers, professionals, and of course women.

C-Looks In Fashion started in response to an incredible growth of demand for beauty, style, and fashion tips. What started as a passion and a desire to help people find their right style and avoid becoming fashion victims quickly evolved into a business idea, and this is how C-Looks In Fashion was finally born as an image consultancy.


ocial psychologists have long discovered that it only takes a few seconds to form a first impression. Once formed, a bad first impression remains imprinted in the minds of others and you may never have a second chance. With C-Looks In Fashion, you will finally be able to make your adequate first impression every time.

At C-Looks In Fashion we like to think of ourselves not only as image consultants, but also as image engineers and reengineers. We do not only try to optimize the style with the physical characteristics of the person, but also with their personality, social setting, inner image, lifestyle and personal environment. During the personal image building session, we coach on how to achieve the five Cs of C-Looks In Fashion: Class, Chic, Confidence, Charisma and Consistency. At C-Looks In Fashion, our ultimate goal is to bridge your outer image with your inner self and achieve consistency between these two dimensions. Our “Style Coaching” and “Image Analysis”, through a wide variety of services, packages and “Look Book” are the best way to achieve the 5 Cs of C-Looks In Fashion. It is by far the indispensable tool of every modern, self-confident and stylish woman.


Through the Look Book, C-Looks In Fashion creates a special portfolio that is unique to every woman. It aims at building your beauty skills by providing you with everything you need to know about your optimal look at any given time and under any and all circumstance.



fter graduating with a Master's degree in Corporate Sociology and Public Relations (1998), Cynthia Saad became a certified image consultant which led to winning the "Next Beirut Stylist Award“ (2012). Mother of 4 boys, she started her Facebook page from home which was met with a still growing success (200,000 likes in the first year ). All her services are offered in person and online for local and international clients. Encouraged by this success thanks to her good taste, style coaching and image analysis, she opened her image and fashion consultancy agency C-Looks In Fashion, which also includes a prêt-à-porter boutique.


ue to the huge demand, she also added to her various services the creation and haute couture of evening and wedding dresses, custom tailored according to each woman's needs in color analysis, body shape and style. Her approach is based on her 5 Cs concept: (Class, Chic, Confidence, Charisma and Consistency). As a sociologist, she is trained to listen, observe, analyze and understand objectively her clients before styling and coaching them. This is as important as having a good taste and sense of style. Through this approach, every woman becomes unique and beautiful.